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Telling stories has never been more fun. Snapchat caught the attention of millions and millions of young people around the world with innovative and interactive technology. Snapchat products allow people to express themselves, live the moment, know the world and have fun together.


Snapchat is made by stories told from different perspectives: users, community, and the editorial universe. The platform encourages its users to create content every day and invites brands to connect with their audiences in a genuine environment.

Why place ads on Snapchat?


Snapchat offers formats that are 100% mobile and that adapt to the uses and favorite devices of new digital users.

Brands interact with snapchatters using the formats offered by the platform – snap ads, geofilters and lenses – with unrivaled scope and engagement levels that grow exponentially throughout the globe.

In Snapchat, there is true bonding between brands and users.

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