With more than 15 years in the market, we are a regional team, certified as Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner, with presence in the main Latin American countries to personally attend our clients needs.

Our services

Creation of strategy, planning, purchase, execution, optimization and data collection of programmatic campaigns and social networks, focusing on achieving our clients kpi.

The success of our campaigns lies within the continuous monitoring of results, in order to execute the necessary optimizations, exceeding expectations.

What does IMS Connect stand out?


We offer complete transparency on online media purchase, with no hidden margins nor commissions.


We have various Seats and Business Managers in Latam, simplifying digital investment complexities and billing in local currency.

Quality and service

  • According to the best practices earned in more than 15 years, our results exceed expectations within the allocated budget.
  • We make personalized strategies with one-to-one attention.
  • We collect, generate and classify audiences for our clients.
  • We reinforce messages through dynamic creatives.
  • We deliver detailed qualitative and quantitative reports on campaign performance.

Learn more and obtain a Certificate in real-time bidding by registering in our Digital Ad Expert program.

Business models

  • Transparent:
    IMS Connect team plans and executes the campaign, client has 100% visibility
    We work side by side with the client, training and preparing them until they can take over the operation.
  • SAAS:
    Software as a service offer

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Our consulting services will maximize your media strategy in the most innovative and effective way.

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