Snapchat and Bagley partnered to launch the first World Lens in Argentina

Buenos Aires, 2 de julio 2018 – IMS Internet Media Services (IMS) and Snap Inc., creator of Snapchat, have partnered with Bagley Sonrisas to launch the first World Lens in Argentina. Sonrisas redoubles the best with a new campaign and presents two new faces: little stars and glasses; that add to the four existing models. The great innovation comes from the hand of Snapchat, where for the first time in Latin America the packs of the brand Sonrisas have been intervened with Snapcodes, in which users will be able to unlock exclusive content as of June 30th until September 30th.

This content is composed of the “World Lens” and the “Face Lens”, through which the cookie lives and interacts with the consumer. In the case of the “World Lens”, you can see the personified Sonrisas cookie doing different fun dances in a real environment. With the “Face Lens” you can see the face of the user modified with a filter applied and the person will have the possibility to choose between six options of smiles. Today, over 3 million Argentineans can be reached through the Snapchat Ads Manager.


“This project puts us at the forefront as a brand, innovating and developing, together with Snapchat, exclusive content. We chose Snapchat as a partner because we believe it is the social network that has the closest link with our consumers and our brand” said Eduardo Inhargue, Grouper of Bagley.

"We're excited to see Bagley, Sonrisas, and IMS partner to bring an engaging Snapchat augmented reality marketing campaign to Argentina." said Geoffrey Reed, Head of International Expansion, Snap.

The campaign will be complemented with a TV commercial where the Sonrisas cookie comes to life and enjoys daily moments of joy with kids. This campaign encourages family play and turns every moment into. Aspace for fun, combining it with the charm of a cookie that’s ideal for children and their mothers as it has Nutrileche, the best cereal, fruit juice, and milk.

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