At IMS we take brand safety, fraud and viewability very seriously.

Recently, other digital advertising publishers have jeopardized the reputation of our industry by displaying ads next to inappropriate content, hurting brands’ names and equity. We have also seen cases of pedophilia, antisemitism, and radical groups just to name a few.

Whenever there is content generated by users, there is an associated risk. Algorithm-based ads will never be enough to avoid risks, especially when there are millions of content producers around the globe. A curating hand is always necessary.

Another key element that is hurting our industry, is the lack of clear visibility as to where the advertising dollars invested by brands are ending up, which groups and people are behind the content generated. Who are we feeding?

Finally, we urge marketing executives across all brands and agencies in the region to take a strong position when it comes to protecting your own brand, equity, and credibility. Your firm standpoint will compel media players to do the same.


In order to prove to the market and challenge other players to take serious actions towards this problem:

  • We are offering 100% brand safety, non-fraudulent traffic and expected viewability, (MOAT Compliance) advertising opportunities on our platforms (Spotify, EA, LinkedIn, Vevo, Snapchat, Discover, among others…);


If we do not deliver on the above promise, we will refund 10x the amount invested in IMS.

We should recognize the value of premium, professionally produced content, such as with Vevo or Spotify, where you can find thousands of artists in a safe environment (non UGC). Similarly, we should recognize the value of Electronic Arts who produces state of the art gaming entertainment content. Furthermore, we should recognize the dozens of premium content partners at Snapchat where your brand will not be exposed to thirdparty content, but rather to first-class editorial, which helps with avoiding any UGC risks.

We understand the effort that goes into building a brand. Consequently, at IMS we are committed to protecting brands by delivering their message to the right audiences, at the right time, on the right screen, and within a safe environment. We do this by protecting the destination of the brands’ investment, and avoiding any potentially harmful associated risks.

It took almost 20 years to create the online advertising industry in Latin America, generating thousands of jobs with publishers, tech companies, advertisers and agencies. In order to keep this growth trend for many years to come, it is paramount that we protect it. It’s up to you, me, and everyone else involved.


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