IMS Internet Media Services becomes exclusive partner to market Foursquare in Latin America

MIAMI (March 26, 2014) –IMS Internet Media Services (IMS), a provider of specialized communication and digital marketing solutions in Latin America, was chosen by Foursquare to be its exclusive commercial partner in the region, thus expanding the reach of advertising tools of the platform to new markets.

At the end of the first half, IMS will integrate sales teams based in Mexico and Brazil, two of the largest markets in Latin America, to help brand advertisers  draw consumers’ attention with campaigns that use the complete portfolio of the advertising products in Foursquare.

A key advantage of Foursquare products to advertisers is that the investments in these campaigns are done according to interactions or check-ins within 72 hours after viewing the ad (CPA or Cost-Per-Action). The Foursquare engagement rates far exceed the rates reached through traditional advertising banners, which makes it possible to accurately quantify the ROI for advertisers.

In order to make the brands acquainted with these products and the challenges that the different markets in the region pose, with their different target audiences, IMS will deliver customized training to agencies and brand advertisers on how to optimize these new advertising formats.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Foursquare, one of the most recognized names in social media today”, said Ignacio Vidaguren, COO, IMS. “Foursquare is quite popular in the region and many brands will benefit from unique advertising alternatives that the platform can offer to reach consumers.”

“One of the goals on Foursquare for 2014 is to expand our advertising products to new markets around the world and we are excited to work with the IMS in the Latin American market”, said Steven Rosenblatt, Chief Revenue Officer, Foursquare. “IMS has experience, market knowledge and resources to help us carry out our operations effectively and quickly. Brands are using Foursquare to reach new consumers in the United States and we have no doubt that this experience will be repeated in every market we enter. ”

Foursquare’s advertisings come to Latin America at a time when the region is experiencing sustained growth in Internet access, entry of mobile devices and use of social media. According to a study carried out by comScore, Latin Americans spend ten hours a month on social platforms, two times more than the world average. The intended adoption of smartphones is also designed above the world average during the year and events like the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games generate new advertising opportunities on mobile for all brands and business.

With this partnership, Foursquare joins the list of leading companies in the technology market associated with IMS to expand their operations in the region. In 2012, IMS was chosen by Twitter as an exclusive trade partner for Latin America. More recently, Waze and Spotify joined the IMS to offer their advertising products in the region.

About IMS

IMS Internet Media Services (IMS) is a leading digital communications and marketing enterprise that builds partnerships with rapidly developing businesses seeking to expand their market in Latin America. The company offers media and business services, leveraged in its experience in such markets. Its media services are multi-channel and include its own ad network, a programmatic purchasing department and Social and Mobile business units, as well as integrations with leading platforms both online and offline. Brands such as Twitter, Netflix, Waze and Spotify, as well as more than 170 agencies have partnered exclusively with IMS in Latin America. IMS is headquartered in Miami and also has offices in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Ecuador and Uruguay.

About Foursquare

Foursquare is a free mobile application that helps users know where their friends are and where to find them. Since 2009, more than 45 million people joined the Foursquare, checking in around the world more than five billion times. These check-ins feed the search engine of Foursquare, which provides customized recommendations on the best places close to where the user is. More than 1.6 million companies (big brands and small traders) have used our advertising and marketing tools to attract and retain their valuable customers. More than 50,000 developers, including some of the most popular internet properties, use the Foursquare API to add locations to their applications. Foursquare was founded in New York City and has offices in San Francisco and London.