IMS: a decade collaborating with the construction of the digital advertising ecosystem in the region

IMS Internet Media Services (IMS), a leading provider of digital marketing and communications solutions in Latin America, celebrates today a 10-year-success story, which contributed to the formation of the media ecosystem in Latin America.

Founded in Miami on February 5, 2005 by Gastón Taratuta, an Argentine executive with extensive industry experience, IMS’ mission is to help brands in the region to grow and reach new engagement levels with their audience through its system of commercial partnerships, creative solutions, technology, content and services for media and investment management.

At the epicenter of the digital ecosystem in Latin America, IMS collaborates with the construction of the digital advertising industry, identifying the latest trends and implementing excellent alternatives in Latin America for brands to stand out in the digital area, with exclusive partnerships with businesses of the magnitude of Apple, Twitter, Waze, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Spotify and Crackle, platforms that offer strategic value, innovation and new opportunities for brands and agencies.

“Having grown at a sustained rate of 40% annually over the past five years and planning to continue this growth during 2015, here in IMS we know the interesting and powerful Latin American markets, and we have a deep understanding of the many opportunities that exist for innovative offers because of the growing demand from advertisers for better ways to connect with the public”, said Gastón Taratura, Founder, CEO & Partner, IMS.

With a watchful eye on the future of the industry and continued focus on customer service, IMS has achieved, along its first decade of existence, a solid leadership position, providing its customers with flexible and innovative products and results-oriented solutions. The company now has about 400 highly qualified employees, and a truly pan-regional presence, with headquarters in Miami and nine offices located in Latin American markets: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Panama, Ecuador and Uruguay.

About IMS

IMS Internet Media Services (IMS) is a leading digital marketing and communications company that partners with dynamic business to expand its activities in Latin America. IMS works to help brands reach high levels of commitment and growth in the region through a unique ecosystem of business associations, creative solutions and media management, investment and content services, providing consistent results-oriented solutions.

Leading brands such as Apple, Twitter, Waze, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Spotify and Crackle have exclusive partnerships with IMS to strengthen their presence in Latin America.

IMS holds close relationship with hundreds of brands and agencies throughout the region, a diverse market in which the experience of its employees is disseminated. IMS is headquartered in Miami and has offices in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Ecuador.

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