Case Study: Falabella on Spotify

This campaign is a clear example that music transcends borders. Learn all about the first regional campaign of Falabella in Spotify.

Falabella is one of the largest and most consolidated companies in Latin America. It develops its commercial activity through several business areas: department stores, improvement and construction of the home, commercial financing company CMR, bank, travel and insurance Falabella.

The department store is today the most important in South America with more than 65,000 employees with presence in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia.


Following their commercial strategy of the last two years, Falabella sought to promote their sneakers category. To get out of the classic association between these and sports, the brand worked the concept of “live more comfortable” and aimed to provide its customers with a valued experience that will last even after the purchase.

To do so, Falabella leaned towards an action in digital media that would allow them to connect emotionally with a wide audience (men and women between 20 and 40 years old) and, in turn, make it possible to measure the conversion of the initiative.


Falabella launched a successfull and innovative action that aimed to impact and generate brand recall through the universal language of music, and developed the first campaign with Spotify code.

Their customers, after purchasing their shoes had to scan a Spotify Code from the Spotify application, and they were directed to a personalized playlist according to their music interest: Pop, Sport, Glitter and Old School.

To promote this initiative, Falabella worked with the group of Italian Youtubers “The Jackal”,

who were world-renowned for parodying the hit song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi on YouTube.

The campaign #BailaconZapatillasyPunto was originally ran only in Chile but, due to its success, Falabella decided to replicate it in Colombia, Argentina and Peru. Therefore, it became the first regional campaign of the brand in Spotify.


Branded Profile

Four verified profiles were created in each of the targeted countries in order to build Falabella’s musical identity on Spotify.


Overlay Mobile

A high impact banner, exclusively for mobile, was used to generate visits to the Falabella website, where the promotional action was explained in greater detail.


Sponsored Session

A 30 seconds video showed the ad carried out by “The Jackal”, and by its complete visualization, Spotify gave to the users 30 minutes of music free of advertising.



They used one of the most attractive ad formats on Spotify creating different playlists consisting on a selection of 40 songs picked to help consumers enjoy their simple life experiences. The playlists created were associated with each shoe according to their style: Pop, Sport, Glitter and Old School.


Video Takeover

A second video ad format, also with the commercial of Italian comedians singing “Despacito”, was used to impact Spotify’s desktop users.


Total achieved in Spotify with the action:







Keys to success

#1 Innovation

#BailaconZapatillasyPunto was a pioneering and disruptive campaign, in which the Spotify code was used for the first time to generate a personalized experience through music for the customers

#2 Benefit with premium content

Falabella sought to capture digital users by offering them exclusive content as a token of appreciation to younger audiences, increasing their brand love.

#3 Combination of formats

To impact the audience at different times of the day and generate frequency, several of the ad formats offered by Spotify were used for both desktop and mobile.