Apple and IMS partner for exclusive iAd trading in Latin America

IMS, a leading communications and digital marketing firm in Latin America, is proud to announce a new partnership for exclusive representation of the iAd advertising platform in the region. Operations begin later this month, focusing on two of the fastest-growing markets: Mexico and Brazil.

Advertisers will be able to impact millions of users directly on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through iAd’s unique targeting tools, (, which give brands the ability to Direct your messages to the exact group of people you want to reach. Consumers will experience a branding approach through Rich Media ads across thousands of iAd App Network applications.

which will help local advertisers to understand the opportunities and best practices to connect with consumers through the iAd. They will also introduce in the regional market a set of tools of Apple’s advertising suite, including the iAdWorkbench, an effective campaign planning and management tool ( and the iAdProducer (, an efficient, user friendly and interactive content design and development tool. With its experience in Latin America, IMS can help companies of different sizes to use iAd to reach their target audiences.

“We are excited about the idea of ​​helping brands in the region to discover and know this comprehensive advertising platform from Apple”, says Gastón Taratuta, CEO, founder & partner, IMS. “IAd offers a rich and engaging user experience and provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach and communicate with consumers, with tuned messages adjusted for each country. With this partnership, advertisers not only may have preferential access to digital and mobile markets, but also approach specifically Apple’s consumers for the first time in the region.”

With its particularly wide engagement capability among young people, the high level of mobile penetration per person and recent investments in 4G, Latin America has become a very valuable scenario for advertisers, with Brazil and Mexico markets being the most outstanding in terms of accelerated growth. As the largest independent digital marketing and communication company in the region, IMS will manage the expansion of Apple’s iAd in these two countries, at first, and subsequently across the entire region, providing unique opportunities for advertisers who aspire to reach Apple’s Latin American users.

About de IMS

IMS Internet Media Services (IMS) is a leading digital marketing and communications company that partners with dynamic business to expand its activities in Latin America. IMS works to help brands reach high levels of commitment and growth in the region through a unique ecosystem of business associations, creative solutions and media management, investment and content services, providing consistent results-oriented solutions.

Leading brands such as Apple, Twitter, Waze, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Spotify and Crackle have exclusive partnerships with IMS to strengthen their presence in Latin America.

IMS holds close relationship with hundreds of brands and agencies throughout the region, a diverse market in which the experience of its employees is disseminated. IMS is headquartered in Miami and has offices in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Ecuador.

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