IMS is always searching for new talent to share their knowledge and expertise within our multidisciplinary team of professionals

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IMS is always searching for new talents to share their knowledge and expertise with our multidisciplinary team of specialist professionals.

Our Teams


This team is formed by strategists that are responsible for representing each of the platforms we lead in the region, with an additional unit of prominent professionals in the area of media sales.


Highly qualified professionals who work every day in this area to strengthen the growth of the entire Company, both locally and regionally.


A multi-disciplinary team committed to achieving results and educating the Latin American digital community.

Human Resources

HR representatives are responsible for recruiting the best professionals from every area to add their talent to each of our teams, while helping the Company work as a whole.

Why work at IMS?

Representatives of the different areas tell their own experiences of how they achieved professional growth and development in our Company.