Media Services

Offline Media Buying and Planning

IMS assists the search for visibility within and outside LatAm

Your name in lights. Literally. That’s what we recently accomplished for one of our LatAm clients with a prominent billboard in New York’s Times Square, one of the most heavily trafficked areas and most coveted out of home locations. Resolving and securing this kind of impactful placement is the work of IMS’s offline team, which assists Latin American clients looking for visibility in or out of LatAm as well as clients that are positioning themselves within the LatAm market. Sophisticated insights, global contacts, and ongoing opportunity identification are just a few of the benefits that we bring to our partnerships. Please contact us to see how IMS can address your needs.

Guidance, framework, strategy

Consumer behavioral insights, brand preferences, and media affinity are some of the key variables we reference to ensure that our plans best align with your target. We combine our years of industry experience with leading tools, such as TGI, to create strategic, objective, and concise recommendations.

Full-Service, to achieve the expected results

From research to planning, innovating, implementation and reports, IMS accompanies our clients from start to finish.

Traditional meets innovation

Our team is highly versed in the most prominent print titles, flight schedules with highest ratings, and more. But we believe that customization is key to meeting the strategic needs of each campaign – and this often requires unique actions and formats to reach customers in new ways and in new channels. We can assist with content and creative development for formats such as infomercials, advertorials, interviews, and more. Billboards, cinema advertising, shopping mall kiosks, pop ups… you just name it, we´ll provide it.

What we do:

  • Media planning and optimization
  • Media purchasing
  • Channel and format innovation
  • Content development
  • Creative development
  • Reporting
  • All-channel access: television, print, radio, cinema, out-of-home