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IMS Social is at the forefront of Social Media

“Man is by nature a social animal”, said Aristotle. And in Latin America, this couldn’t be more so – the region’s population consistently ranks among the top in the world for social media usage and adoption rates. IMS Social is at the forefront of social media. In 2012, we were selected as Twitter’s exclusive commercial partner for advertising sales in Latin America. But our knowledge doesn’t stop there. Well-versed in the many publishers that are inherently social and their accompanying ad formats, IMS Social also enables clients with social media strategy, brand audits, social listening, content development and in-house trainings to ensure that our partners, too, can become social by nature. Please contact us to see how IMS Social can best address your needs.

Twitter promoted products

In 2012, we launched Twitter’s suite of Promoted Products in Latin America. As Twitter’s exclusive commercial partner in the region, our IMS Social Twitter team is an extension of the microblogging company’s sales force – and can thus provide data, insights, inventory access, and campaign recommendations available in LatAm only via this partnership.

Social strategy

These days, it’s not enough to be liked. Social media requires a comprehensive strategy that incorporates a company’s owned content with paid formats to boost earned media. IMS Social has dedicated managers that consult with brands, performing brand audits and social listening for a first diagnostic in order to create content and creative strategies tailored to our customers. IMS Social helps build a social infrastructure for our clients to help them more effectively increase and engage audiences by integrating social media into their marketing initiatives.

Social content

Thousands of conversations take place on social media platforms like Twitter each day – and the most successful brands are those who choose to participate with relevant and engaging content. IMS Social works with brands to define and create content that will help take their messages further.

What we do:

  • Exclusive access to Twitter’s Advertising suite in Latin America
  • Social Media Strategic Analysis and Consulting
  • Social Media Planning and Buying
  • Social Listening and Reporting