Media Services

Digital Media Buying and Planning

IMS is the largest digital media buyer in Latin America

IMS resolves the start-to-finish complexities of digital investment in LatAm – including where, how, and when to deploy advertising dollars throughout the region or within a particular country. We’ve bought media in all countries in Latin America – and the Caribbean, too. We are media agnostic – our media preferences are guided strictly by your objectives. And as the largest digital media buyer in Latin America, we bring our purchasing power and publisher insight to work on your behalf. Importantly, we never lose sight of our clients’ needs, conducting an annual survey to ensure that we are not only pursuing great results but providing excellent service in the process.

Please contact us to see how IMS can address your needs.

Effective planning

Our talented team is media agnostic and informs its choices via a set of impartial research tools designed to optimize website selection. Ad formats – from gif to video overlay – are recommended to optimize impact. Targeting by time, location, IP, and more enhance reach. Media plans are carefully planned and designed to match your strategy.

Executing across the board

IMS is one of LatAm’s largest media buyers, providing us with purchasing power and strong publisher relationships for more efficient execution. Our in-house traffickers and designers work hand-in-hand with our client service managers, making for more seamless service and fast troubleshooting.

Success, delivered

Our dedicated managers understand that success is defined client by client, campaign by campaign. We define performance and delivery targets jointly at the outset, and monitor, optimize and report throughout.

What we do:

  • Media planning
  • Media purchasing
  • Ad serving
  • Creative resizing across ad formats
  • Media optimization
  • Web development
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Integration across digital channels
  • Reporting
  • All-channel access: display, online video, social, mobile