Commercial Representation

IMS partners with businesses to successfully launch or expand in Latin American markets

Latin America is one of the world’s fastest-growing regional economies, making it a natural choice for companies seeking to grow geographically. Yet the region is not without its challenges – with cultural, financial, and legal differences by country; a fragmented media market; and two languages (plus a variety of idioms). IMS partners with businesses to successfully launch in Latin American markets or expand within the region. Our established agency and media relationships, hybrid consultative-commercial approach, and regional footprint with seven offices in seven countries, lead to fast and successful growth within Latin America. Please contact us to see how IMS may best address your needs.

Rapid commercial entry

As the largest digital media buyer in LatAm and more than 150 agency relationships throughout the region, IMS brings unparalleled depth and breadth of commercial contacts to work on behalf of our clients. We reduce time to market, meaning faster growth in year one and more revenues in years to come.

Business solutions

Our experience in the LatAm market goes beyond media to include an in-depth knowledge of operational challenges faced by many companies across the region and country by country. IMS’s management team brings C-level expertise in the LatAm media industry, business development and consulting for global brands and public companies, and commercial savvy. We provide insights and solutions to our clients to help them navigate LatAM and steer a clear course to success.

Extensive regional footprint

With offices in Miami, Sao Paulo, Mexico City. Buenos Aires, Santiago, Bogota, and Montevideo, IMS has a presence in each of the region’s key markets. Local sales teams are quickly trained and deployed, and sales materials adapted to reflect in-country data, case studies, language, and more.

Current commercial representations

  • iAd - Authorized Reseller
  • Crackle - Authorized Representative
  • Twitter
  • Waze
  • Spotify
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare